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The MOST AWESOME Monster Truck
Show of the Summer!

Coming to Evansville, July 10th & 11th, 2020

Meet the MONSTER Trucks!



Driver: Jim Koehler

Year Created: 1997
Engine: 540 cubic inch Merlin big block

The Avenger monster truck, piloted by Columbus, Michigan native Jim Koehler, was created in 1997 The original truck sported a forest green Chevrolet S10 body style and a teal chassis and rims.

Black Stallion

Black Stallion

Driver(s): Michael Vaters & Daron Basl

Year Created: 1981

Engine: 540 C.I. Ford Performance (big block, blown, fuel injected on methanol)

Black Stallion is a Ford F-150 monster truck driven by Michael Vaters out of Hagerstown, Maryland and Daron Basl. Vaters is one of the longest driving performers, with over 38 years behind the wheel. The truck has appeared in 5 Monster Jam World Finals.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Driver: Jimmy Creten

Year Created: 1995
Engine: 555 CI Blown Alcohol

Bounty Hunter is a Ford Expedition truck owned and driven by Jimmy Creten of Tonganoxie, Kansas. With multiple championships, most notably the 2005 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship and the 2019 Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship, Bounty Hunter is one of the most successful monster trucks since 2000. The truck has competed in all Monster Jam World Finals’ since 2002 under Creten and one Double Down Showdown under Austin Minton.



Driver(s): Brad Allen & Brian VanKirk

Year Created: 2001
Engine: Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block

Brutus is a custom dog monster truck owned by Team Scream and driven by Brad Allen and Brian VanKirk. The truck is most famous for being driven by Chris Bergeron from 2001-2013 and took the truck to the Monster Jam World Finals 6 times. It was also owned by Bergeron before he joined Team Scream sometime in 2001.


Higher Education

Higher Education

Driver: Preston Pérez

Year Created: 2011
Engine: 557 C.I. Ford Performance built by A&C Racing Engines w/ Edelbrock 429/460 Ford aluminum cylinder heads (big block, blown, fuel injected, runs on methanol)

Higher Education is the only monster school bus in the world in competition, and is known internationally from its wild performances in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Overkill Evolution

Overkill Evolution

Driver: Mike Vaters II

Year Created: 2014
Engine: 572 C.I. Ford Performance/Roush Yates Engines C-Head (big block, blown, fuel injected on methanol)

Overkill Evolution is a Ford monster truck debuted on January 4th, 2014 at the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK. It is owned by Marty Garza (Overkill, Maximum Overkill, and Extreme Overkill) and is operated by Michael Vaters (Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education). It is currently driven by Mikey Vaters since 2014. The truck has competed in every single World Finals from 2014-2018, even winning the Young Guns Shootout Championship in 2014 and the World Finals Freestyle Championship in 2015.



Driver: Allen Pezo

Year Created: 1988
Engine: Keith Black Hemi 572ci

Predator is the flagship truck driven by Allen Pezo as part of Predator Racing. Predator was one of the first 3-D body trucks and is also one of the longest running and most famous. The truck has competed in four Monster Jam World Finals events, and has been in most Monster Jam video games. Predator bares very similar resemblance and style to Prowler and Pouncer, Predator’s two teammates.




Driver: Doug Noelke

Year Created: 2006
Engine:572 CI Ford

Tailgator is a custom monster truck driven by Doug Noelke out of Missouri. The truck was Noelke’s second truck, after Big Dawg, and made its debut in 2006. Since then Noelke has been very successful on tours such as the Monster Nationals, Toughest Monster Truck Tour, and Monster Truck Thunder Drags.

Scarlet Bandit

Scarlet Bandit

Driver: Dawn Creten

Year Created: 2000
Engine: 555 cubic inch Blown Alcohol

Scarlet Bandit is a Ford Expedition monster truck driven by Dawn Creten, team mate and wife to Jimmy Creten of the Bounty Hunter. Since 2000, Dawn has become one of the most famous female monster truck drivers, with her truck being in three Monster Jam World Finals.



Driver: Eldon DePew & his son Jack Willman Jr.

Year Created: 1984
Engine: Chevy 572 cu.in

Third Monster Truck to ever be created back in the 1970’s. Jack Willman Sr. was the first person to take his Taurus truck and drive over 2 full size school busses. Jack broke his back while racing in 1993, and after rehabilitation successfully came back and raced again for several months before re-fracturing it, forcing him into retirement.

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Proceeds support Vanderburgh 4H Center